Anthropology: Through the Lens Exhibit

10 Oct

Depth of Field: Anthropology TTL

Depth of Field : (1) the range of object distances within a photograph that are imaged with acceptable sharpness; (2) the relative experience of fieldwork.

TTL : [Through the Lens] (1) metering system that measures light or exposure through the taking lens of a camera; (2) manner of observation: perspective.

How do we see? How do we observe the world around us? Anyone who has picked up a camera knows that looking through a lens necessarily changes the way we appreciate the scene before it. What do we foreground, and what do we let fall into the distance? This exhibit showcases the visual work of UW Anthropology students and images from their field research from all over the world. Comprised mostly of images taken by graduate students, we hope this collection will open your eyes not only to the variety of human cultures but also to the many ways we can study them. We invite you to take a moment, and see the world through someone else’s lens.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2011—DECEMBER 18, 2011
Odegaard Library, 1st Floor, West Photo Cases (behind circulation)

Open House Reception October 28, 2011 5-7PM Odegaard Library, Room 220



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