Free Workshops for Filmmakers

30 Sep

Seattle Film Institute
Saturday, October 1, 2011

FREE WORKSHOPS 9:30am-11:00am

Production Workshop: Green Screen on a Budget
Green screen background effects have revolutionized how movies and television are being shot. But green screen isn’t just the domain of Hollywood artists with a big budget. Digital filmmaking software on home computers can create these effects too. In this workshop we’ll cover how to set up a simple screen, light it, and then use it to place your talent in front of any background.

Screenwriting Workshop: Building Dramatic Scenes
Drama is the key element at the heart of all good screenplays, no matter the genre. Knowing how to write dramatic scenes for screenplays is essential to the screenwriter’s success. This hour-and-a-half workshop will focus on explaining the structure of a dramatic scene, the importance of character motivation and goals within scenes, and the essential quality of conflict. In addition the workshop will highlight the role of dialogue in creating drama.

We’re located at 1709 23rd Avenue, Seattle WA 98122 (map: ). For more information visit:

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