Reserve an Audition spot Now!

2 Aug

Reserve an Audition spot Now!

Performing artists, ensembles and groups residing in King County are eligible to be included in the Touring Arts Roster. Application forms are available here; live auditions will be scheduled for August 20th. Return the application form by mail or email. 15 minute audition times will be assigned on a first come basis until all slots are filled. You’ll bring one copy of your promotional materials with you to the audition.

Applicants must:

  • Reside in King County.
  • Have paid professional performance, reading or workshop experience.
  • Have good quality promotional materials.
  • Be available to tour and present 30 minute to 1 hour programs appropriate for audiences of all ages.

A peer panel will evaluate the auditions and make recommendations to the Arts Advisory Committee for inclusion to the Touring Arts Roster. Performers will be judged by the criteria listed below;

Audition Review Criteria:

  • Artistic merit of performance and professionalism.
  • Quality of audition presentation.
  • Quality of promotional materials.

If you have any questions. Please contact Doreen Mitchum at (206) 296-7579 or via email


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