Take English composition this summer!

8 Jun

Summer is an outstanding time to get an English composition or literature (VLPA) course out of the way! Several English courses, including two sections of English composition, still have lots of room. This is the last time for juniors and seniors to take 100-level comp. courses before Winter 2012! Instructor descriptions for the 200-level courses may be found at:


Engl. 111C: Composition: Literature (meets "C" requirement)
Full Term
SLN: 11140
M-TH 11:30-12:30

Engl. 131F: Composition: Exposition (meets "C" requirement)
Full Term
SLN: 11147
M-TH 11:30-12:30

Engl. 210: Medieval and Early Modern Literature, 400-1600 (meets VLPA requirement.)
A Term
SLN: 11156
M-TH: 10:50-1:00

Engl. 242B: Reading Fiction (meets VLPA and "W" course requirements)
A Term
SLN: 11159
M-TH 10:50-1:00


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