Beginning Acting Course Offered Summer Quarter

4 May

This Summer, the School of Drama will be offering Drama 259 Performance Practicum. This is an entry level acting class taught by Valerie Curtis Newton who won the Distinguished Teaching Award for 2011. Information on the course is below.

Summer 2011
Drama 259
Valerie Curtis-Newton
Course Description/Objectives
This course utilizes monologues as the source texts by which student-actors will develop the fundamentals of acting. The core course training combines a range of acting and movement techniques (i.e., the System, the Method, Suzuki and Viewpoints) with Afrocentric systems of voice and movement training. Critical skills include:

a) Physical Articulateness
b) Breathing/Vocal Control
c) Concentration and Focus
d) Language and Musicality

Each student will prepare and perform two monologues of his/her own choosing:
one comic monologue
one dramatic monologue
Students who have completed any 350 or 450 classes will additionally perform a scene.
While we will work on these pieces in class, students should expect to spend some time outside of scheduled class time researching, prepping and rehearsing both the scenes and monologues. Students will be required to make a brief presentation about the play from which their monologue is taken.

Students will present a "public" performance of their final speeches.

For more information, contact:

Matt Munday
Academic Counselor
University of Washington
School of Drama Box 353950
129 Hutchinson Hall
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-4204


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