Still time to apply – Summer in Viet Nam, the Balkans, the Philippines or Venice

9 Mar

The Comparative History of Ideas program at UW has extended the application deadline for 4 of our summer study abroad programs. The new deadline is March 15. These programs are:

Viet Nam – Building for Peace in the Wake of War
June 15-July 20
In partnership with Peace Trees Vietnam, a Seattle-based organization working in Quang Tri Province on land mine clearance and environmental/community restoration, our group of 12-18 students will pursue historical studies in Ha Noi and Hue and participate in a community-building project with local people in Dong Ha, near the former Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and the EU – Moving Forward?
June 20 – August 19
Through close study of the Yugoslav conflict and of the post war peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BH), and Serbia, we will ask ourselves how best to understand Balkan myths and realities and where they shed light on why at times the peace has held and at others has broken.

The Philippines – Made in the USA: Knowledge Construction and Social Action
June 20 – August 19
One of the ideals of United States exceptionalism is Manifest Destiny, which refers to America’s natural right to expand and use the land in the name of human progress and freedom. In the period between the mid-1800s until the beginning of the twentieth century the United States gained a number of overseas islands and territories. In this course we will examine American exceptionalism and utilize the Philippines’ experience as a model.

Venice: The Endangered Fantasy
June 17 – August 19
This program will offer an inter-disciplinary investigation of one of the world’s most popular tourist sites. We will take an in depth look at the history and culture of the region while focusing on both the socio-logical and ecological lived experi-ence of the city. As a city literally taken over by non-natives during certain times of the year, Venice will offer a great insight into how the tourism industry effects the city’s environment. We will be enjoying the Biennale Arts Festival while there and will visit the sight of the first Jewish Ghettos.

Questions? Contact chidint!

Theron Paul Stevenson
Director of International Programs – Comparative History of Ideas
Assistant Director – Clowes Center for the Study of Conflict and Dialogue
Graduate Student – Department of Geography
University of Washington Box 354300


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