Digital Storytelling and Community Leadership

24 Feb

For students who may be interested in thinking critically about service, social problems, and community leadership while learning the art of Digital Storytelling…

GEN ST 349: “Digital Storytelling and Community Leadership”
Spring 2011, Thursdays 4:30pm-6:20pm, Mary Gates Hall 206
SLN# 13877 (2 credits)

Explore the question: “What is Community-based Leadership?” using the teaching & learning method of Digital Storytelling.

Students will work in teams of three to create a Digital Story of 3-5 minutes in length that reflects a shared view of community leadership. Storytelling techniques, definitions of community-based leadership, and hands-on video production skills will be explored through in-class discussion, guest speakers, and individual advising. The course will conclude with a public viewing on campus of the Digital Stories.

Interest and experience in serving the community is essential. Filming and editing experience is a plus, but not required. We will be covering basic filming & editing with Flip Video Cameras and Editing with iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker (laptops will be available to those in need).

Apply for an Add-Code by answering two brief questions at:
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