Fall 2011 Study Abroad in Berlin

16 Feb

The City as Media: Space, Memory and the Urban Landscape

Fall 2011 Study Abroad in Berlin

Information Sessions in Padelford C-101
Thu 2/24 at 4:30 and Fri 2/25 at 3:30

Sponsored by the Comparative History of Ideas Program.
In the course of less than a century Berlin has been the site of catastrophic destruction, violent and tragic division, intensive rebuilding, and vehement debates over the recovery of historical memory and the memorialization of decisive moments of the past. A decade ago it was Europe’s largest construction site. What remains? Have the layers of history exposed by the fall of the Berlin Wall been obscured by the recreation of Berlin as the capital of the new united Germany and as a major cultural center of post-Cold War Europe? What historical memories can still be read in the urban landscape? How has the process of creative reconstruction been used to both forget and remember previous visual mappings and historical texts built into the stones and spaces of the urban landscape? The program will approach the urban environment as a dynamic, mediatic container that carries a plethora of meanings and messages. Our aim will be to decode and reconstruct some of these messages and uncover the innumerable layers of memory that remain present and alive in the city’s landscape.
Open to all majors!
No German language requirement or minimum GPA!
Earn full-time UW credit!
Federal Financial Aid eligible!
Apply now!!!

If you are interested but cannot attend an information session, please take a look at our chidint.

Theron Paul Stevenson
Director of International Programs – Comparative History of Ideas
Assistant Director – Clowes Center for the Study of Conflict and Dialogue
Graduate Student – Department of Geography
University of Washington Box 354300


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