Navigating Career Options – General Studies 350D

14 Feb

Curious how to link college to careers? Do you need to choose a major? Not sure what academic and career options are out there? About to graduate but not sure what to do next? Interested in finding ‘what is right for you’? Wondering what you can do and how to think in a challenging economy? Looking for support in figuring things out? Look no further.
General Studies 350D, Navigating Career Options, is a 3 credit course and will be offered on the UW Seattle campus in Spring 2011. This course includes a lecture [max 80 students] and 4 sections [max 20 students per section]. Students register for the lecture and one quiz section [see time schedule for SLN #’s]. No pre-requisites needed for this course. This course is open to all undergraduate UW students.

We are team-teaching this class. Guest speakers from throughout our campus and city will interact with students in both the lecture and sections. We will incorporate a variety of events and career programming into this course – a sneak peak is available via the Career Center online calendar: Credit will be awarded based on class attendance, participation, completion of assignments and the final project. There is no text book for this course. Course materials will be provided.
Assignments for this course involve written reflection pieces, informational interviews & write ups, career and academic research assignments, career/academic event review write-ups, movie review write-ups, resume and cover letter development and a final project. Questions – please contact Patrick Chidsey …
The Career Center
134 Mary Gates Hall
chidsey [at]


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