AU Speculative Fiction Journal Deadline Feb. 4

31 Jan
Quick! Run! The end of the End is close!

This Friday, the bells will toll and all AU short fiction and poetry submissions for this quarter’s journal will be due! So quick, grab your pen and paper, run to higher ground and finish writing an end as you know it!

Please submit your short stories and poems of no more than 3,000 words by our deadline: Friday, February 4, 2011 by 11:59pm. While we are certainly open to submissions of all kinds, we do wish to say that incorporation of the quarterly theme, Apocalypse: the Last Word, is considered in the selection process. Need a refresher on the theme? Check out our Submit page on our!

If you are also considering submitting cover art, remember that the deadline is Feb. 11. To learn more about the requirements for cover art submissions, click the Submitting Cover Art? link on our website’s Submit page!

You can also find out about local sf/f events, cool groups and publications on our website, so be sure to check regularly so you don’t miss out! The best way to get updated immediately about events in the area and cool links is by liking our Facebook page, AU: UW speculative fiction! Already like us? Please take a moment to tell your friends about us too in order to spread the sf/f love!

Interested in seeing what AU has published in the past? You can purchase your very own copy of last quarter’s journal in the English Advising Office, Padelford A-2-B, for only $3! It’s full of amazing short stories and poems exploring the idea of parallel universes!

But, most of all, don’t forget: short fiction and poetry submissions are due this Friday! The end is nigh!

Happy Writing!

Your Editors,
Audra Linsenmayer
Katie Hoffman
Nicole Scharping

PS Have you walked through Red Square lately? ‘Bad Wolf’ has appeared on the side of Kane Hall. Most peculiar…




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