Performing Ethnomusicology Series: Homayun Sakhi, January 21

19 Jan

Homayun Sakhi was born in Kabul in 1976 into one of Afghanistan’s leading musical families. From the age of ten, he studied rabāb (short-necked lute) with his father, Ghulam Sakhi, a disciple and brother-in-law of Ustâd Mohammad Omar, the much-revered heir to a musical lineage that began in the 1860s.

In this special guest artist concert, Homayun Sakhi performs Afghan traditional music on the rabāb joined by noted percussionist Salar Nader, tabla. He also leads a free discussion/demonstration of the Afghan rabāb earlier in the day at Brechemin Auditorium. The concert and demonstration are part of the School of Music’s Performing Ethnomusicology Series, running through Winter Quarter 2011. Complete details on the series and associated events are available here.

Demonstration/Discussion (Jan 21, 12:30 p.m., Brechemin Auditorium) A demonstration/discussion of the Afghan rabāb. This event is FREE and open to the public.

Concert (Jan 21, 7:30 p.m., Brechemin Auditorium):
Homayun Sakhi, Afghan rabāb master, presents an Afghan rabāb concert, joined by Salar Nader, tabla. This performance is part of the School of Music’s 2011 Performing Ethnomusicology Series running through Winter Quarter 2011. Tickets: $10 cash or check at the door.



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