Cool Event Happening Thursday 1.13.11

11 Jan

Blitz Capitol Hill Artwalk Thursday, 1/13/11 6-9pm

Pouring Paintings at Vermillion!

In a live gallery event, Jesse Higman will be pouring paintings with DJ accompaniment from 5-8pm. With his largest table, Higman will show his techniques and invite others to pour with him to open a deeper dialog on the Illuvial occurrences of his continuing exhibition. Playing on a mix of sounds, pigments and neighborhood elements, this event will compose a “Relational Azimuth,” as Higman calls it, “triangulating our positions with the material.” Cameras will record both macro and micro footage for an upcoming segment on Art Zone and also an homage to our own Pike-Pine Powers of 10 perspective.

From the Smithsonian show Revealing Culture. “Higman’s work, with its communitarian and convivial ethos, exhibits many of the tendencies associated with Relational Aesthetics, a theory of art practices that takes the whole of human relations and social context into consideration as a point of departure for the production and presentation of the work of art.” ~Leanne Mella

“Because people are pouring a liquid, they can feel the energy they are expressing in their individual gestures. They see what shapes that makes and how it interacts with what the other people are doing. Looking at these compositions together creates a sense of collaboration and neighborliness, which goes hand-in-hand with democracy and compromise.” ~Jesse Higman



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