Brocolage is accepting submissions

10 Jan

Bricolage, UW’s literary and arts journal, is accepting submissions for its
2010-2011 issue. The editors for poetry, prose, and art would like to
describe what kind of pieces they’re looking for, introduce themselves, and
(in)formally invite you to send in your work!

I’m looking for poetry that uses strong imagery and is concise and
thought-provoking. Please submit work that’s polished, with every word
considered and reconsidered. I’m excited to read your submissions! –Nicole
G, poetry editor

Yo! Please submit prose you are proud of. A story you would be thrilled to
read aloud to an audience. Work your friends would be pleased to keep on
their shelves. A piece of art you’ve spent blood, sweat and tears on. That
is all. –Nicole S, prose editor

We are actively seeking submissions from creative members of the UW student
community for inclusion in our 2011 edition. Common submissions may be
drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and even text-based art. If your
background is in video arts, choice stills from your production are very
welcomed. If your work is a object such as a sculpture or textile piece, we
can photograph your work.  Hopefully, you will be interested in
participating in representing the diverse group of creators we have. –Regan
Luke, art editor

If you wish to submit, please send your work as an attachment to with “POETRY”, “PROSE”, or ?ART? as the subject
line. Additionally,
if you are interested in attending reader meetings and helping to select
pieces for publication, shoot an email to the editors at the above address,
or refer to the Bricolage facebook page.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!


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