Fun Bricolage Event- Come Share Your Skills!

12 Nov

The campus literary journal, Bricolage, is happy to host the first Quorum of the school year!  Quorum is an open-mic series for UW students, staff, faculty, alumni, or friends. Everyone is welcome to come and share his or her unique abilities?original poetry, songs, talent for the harp, ballet training, break dancing skills, latest art or photography, or ability to imitate animal sounds are all welcome!

Instead of trying to get through your course packs, or halfheartedly
watching reruns of Glee, liven up your Tuesday and check out Quorum! If you
want to come and only observe the acts, you are very welcome to do so. But
all are invited to perform, and if you are interested in participating
beyond just appreciating the UW?s talent, feel free to drop us an email at so we can draw up a set list and plan the evening better.

This first Quorum will be at 5:30 pm on Thursday, November 18 at Molly?s
(the caf? at the Henry Art Gallery). Admission to the Henry is, as always,
free for students. We look forward to seeing you all there!

-Bricolage Staff 2010-11


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