New Drama Course Offered This Winter!

27 Oct

The school of Drama will be offering Drama 456 Theater for youth this winter quarter.  This is a great course to take if you are interested in theater, teaching, or working with younger children in other venues. 

Auditions/Interviews will be taking place on Thursday, November 4 and Monday, November 8th from 5:00-6:00 pm in Hutchinson Hall Room 303.  The sign up sheets for interview times are located outside of Hutchinson Hall Room #129 and the interview questions are located in the box just to the left of the office door.

Drama 456 Theater for Youth

Charlotte Tiencken



This course is designed for the person who is planning a teaching career.  The course will help you use drama in the classroom, as a tool to teach basic subjects and as a way to enhance learning.  It will also help you learn to teach drama and perform plays with children.  We will review and analyze  the Washington State Essential Learning Elements and finding ways to use drama to accomplish these directives. We will explore and discover a variety of ways to use drama- from storytelling and improvisation to puppetry and movement.  We will go to plays and look at events in and around Seattle that are suitable for children.  We will create a games inventory and an arts inventory for future use.

Books Used in Class:


Esquith, Rafe. (2007) Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire. London, England: Penguin Group.


McCaslin, Nellie. (2006) Creative Drama in the Classroom and Beyond.  Boston, MA: Pearson Education.


Washington Essential Academic Learning Requirements for Theatre (handout)
If you have questions about the course, please let me know.

–Matt Munday, School of Drama,


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