Artist Lecture: Laura West

26 Oct

Date & Time: Oct. 26, 2010 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Art Building Room 003

Sponsored by: SOA 3D4M and Mechanical Engineering

Laura West’s work is minimally derived, influenced by the figure and ephemeral in nature. She has a love for the object and continues to obsessively create figurative forms in various scales and formats. However, Ms. West’s favored form is to portray ideas is in installation and with temporal works placed in natural sites. The concept that this work focuses on deals primarily with the moment that life begins, its connection with nature and recently the moment that life ends. Laura West’s work explores elements of the figure as well as the effect of time and nature on these forms.

Much of Ms. West’s work employs metal casting and mold making techniques. In this way of working, she plays with repetition and manipulation of similar forms. The transition into 3D scanning and 3D printing has been a natural one for Ms. West. The technology appeals to the engineering side of Laura West’s personality and the endless capabilities of digital processes to create the impossible form excites her mind and energizes her soul. This lecture will introduce the audience to the development of Laura West’s work and the use of additive manufacturing processes as well as some of the artists that have influenced her direction.




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