UW Film Club wants to see your work!

20 Oct

Creative Advertising: Commercial Contest

Film Club’s proud to announce our fall quarter contest, Creative Advertising! Create a commercial for  a fake product . The commercial will be screened in the Henry Art Gallery, and the best submission will be sent in for the Addy Awards!


1. The commercial MUST advertise a FAKE product to be eligible for the contest.
2. The commercial should be broadcast length (15 seconds to 2 minutes).
3. The commercial should be appropriate (not directly offensive to anyone).
4. The film should be in a disk or memory drive format, appropriate for computer media players (no editing project files, no web links).

These rules pertain to the commercials’ exhibition on campus, but for a detailed look at rules and regulations for submission into the Addy Awards, we strongly recommend you go over thefine print, so that if your submission wins then it’s ready to go!

All films are due in the ASUW Arts & Entertainment office in Condon Hall, Room 408 on NOVEMBER 29th and will be screened at the Henry Art Gallery on DECEMBER 2nd.

For any questions, contact us at filmclub.uw@gmail.com.



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