Spring in London

20 Oct

The Department of English is now accepting applications to its Spring in London 2011 program!

*Spring in London 2011*

In Spring 2011, the English Department’s Spring in London Program will be in its 25th year.  This highly successful program of study offers students an opportunity to live like Londoners.  Students are housed in British homestays, and the majority of class learning is done in a peripatetic fashion – i.e., “walk and learn”.  London is the primary classroom.

Every year, students have a choice of taking 3 out of 4 classes; two are taught by British faculty and two are taught by English Department faculty.

Professor Peter Buckroyd has been teaching his “Art, Architecture and Society” course since the program’s beginning in 1986.  His class takes place entirely on the streets and in buildings around London.  As well as equipping students to look more carefully at buildings, pictures and sculpture, Peter’s course encourages them to do some imaginative re-creation, considering what it might have been like to have lived at different times in the past as a member of different social classes.

Professor Michael Fosdal’s class, “Contemporary Britain” is also very interactive, introducing students to various aspects of life in Britain, from royalty to the homeless, from politics to sport. There is a major emphasis on direct contact with the people and institutions of contemporary Britain, including meetings with homeless people and politicians.  Peter Buckroyd and Michael Fosdal are the two British faculty.  Both are experienced teachers of American students.

The two English Department faculty will be Professors Juliet Shields and Carrie Matthews.

Juliet Shields will be teaching “London’s Contemporary Theater”.  The goal of this class is to help students become more informed, confident and, especially, active readers and watchers of contemporary theater. Students will read, discuss, watch, and write about several plays over the course of the quarter.  This course will meet the Senior Capstone requirement for English majors.

Carrie Matthews will be teaching “Writing London’s Neighborhoods.”   This course invites students to explore the rich patchwork quilt that is London’sneighborhoods, exploring some of the less known parts of the city.  Students will read extensively about this “other” London and create their own textual representations of London neighborhoods.  This course meets the “Forms and Genres” requirement for English majors.

Program cost is $6,200; program fees cover instructional costs, room and 2/3rds board, London Transport pass, excursions, and textbooks. No additional tuition payment is required. Fees will not include: $250 IPE fee, airfare, weekday lunches, mandatory health insurance and pre-departure health screening, or personal spending money.

. For more detailed information and applications, visit the program web site.


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