A Continuity of Parks: a live performance in Occidental Park

5 Oct

October 7th, 2010 – 7PM till 9PM


As the closing event for this summer’s ARTSPARKS (site-specific art in center city parks) programming and in collaboration with DXARTS (The Center for the Digital Arts and Experimental Media, University of Washington), Michael McCrea, Tivon Rice and Nicolás Varchausky present:

A Continuity of Parks, a two-hour live performance at dusk integrating sounds, echoes, and images of Occidental Park with real-time audio and video. As in Cortázar’s short story, the audience is led from the perspective of a peripheral observer to becoming enmeshed in a process of perpetual observation, self-reflection, and re-interpretation. Passersby become performers and the city becomes the stage of an evolving memory system with traces of its peripatetic imagination gathered and re-presented throughout the course evening.

Operating from a portable workstation located centrally in the park, the artists conduct live cameras and audio-feedback within a network of speakers, microphones, and large-scale video projection to create an experience of pure light, color, movement, and sound.


Thursday, October 7th, 2010 from 7:00 PM till 9PM


Occidental Park

Occidental Ave. S and S Main St.

Downtown Seattle, Washington 98104


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