The Natural History of Reading event!

3 Jun

You are cordially invited to an experimental Honors Conference, sponsored by the Joff Hanauer Honors Professorship in Western Civilization, with the support of the UW Honors Program and the Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities.  Leroy Searle, Coordinator.

The Natural History of Reading

Conference schedule:

Thursday, June 3:  1:20-3:20:    Mary Gates Hall 228
Friday, June 4:       1:15-3:30     Mary Gates Hall 258
Saturday, June 5:   9:00-4:00    Simpson Center (Communications)

This conference is the culmination of a specially designed Honors course, on the topic, “The Natural History of Reading.”  Speakers include the students enrolled in the course, plus seven guests, from several universities.  The focus for the conference is the role of reading in teaching and research, and will consider a wide range of issues, perspectives, and problems connected directly with reading.

The model for this event departs in some particulars from typical academic conferences.  The objective is to bring together people who have both a history of conversations stretching over considerable periods, and drawing from all levels of the academic profession:  Professors with long established careers, Professors who have taught for extended periods at universities of different size and character, graduate students who are just finishing the Ph.D.; graduate students who are just beginning in a Ph.D. program; and undergraduates who are just finishing the B.A..  In this particular iteration of the model, all of the people know the UW, and most of them know each other.  Many of you are acquainted with some of the participants.  Colleagues from the UW in other departments are also on the program.    There will be similar conferences on the same topic in the future at other universities, with plans for future publication of a multi authored book, representing the best work on the teaching of reading across the same range of participants, from university undergraduates to established professors with lengthy careers..

The course which has led to this conference has concentrated on issues of reading  with particular attention to the idea of textual traditions that provide not only a shared language for discussion, but a resource for innovation and insight.  We have concentrated onreligious textsscientific texts, and artistic texts.  For further information, you may wish to consult the course website:

Participants include:
Paul Berger, UW Art Department             Leah Caglio, UW Honors
Gina Chen, UW Honors                           Sammy Chung, UW Honors
Thomas Dechand, Johns Hopkins  U.       Karl Eckhardt, UW Honors
Stephen Folkins, UW Honors                  Claire Fox, UW Honors
Zachary Gartenberg, Johns Hopkins U     Paul Harris, UW Honors
Teague Henry, UW Honors                     Bruce Hevly, UW History Department
Semonti Hossain, UW Honors                 Nicholas Janetos, UW Honors
William Johnson, UW Honors                  Samantha Leck, UW Honors
Mark Long, Keene State University NH  Matthew Mullen, UW Honors
Jennifer Nielsen, UW Honors                   Dana Ringuette, Eastern Illinois University
James Searle, SUNY Albany                   Conor Sutherland, UW Honors
Ellen Van Wyk, UW Honors                   Brandon Weaver, UW Honors
Di Zhang, UW Honors

Please watch for the poster announcing the conference.  A detailed program will be posted on the course website (url above) early next week..


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