27 Apr

Generated by The Ensemble
Directed by Heidi Ganser & Ben Zamora

April 9th – May 10, 2010
Thursdays through Mondays at 7:30pm

Tickets: $10-$18
Purchase tickets online at


An exuberant kaleidoscope of pop that follows one woman’s heroic quest to save the human race in an epic battle of Man vs. Robot where love is her downfall and ultimate savior. Conceived and directed by veteran Ensemble designers Heidi Ganser and Ben Zamora and created by the Ensemble, this performance piece delivers imaginative and heartfelt storytelling like only Washington Ensemble Theatre can.

John Abramson, Noah Benezra, Ali el-Gasseir, Hannah Victoria Franklin, Libby Matthews, Mary Bliss Mather, Jillia Passenda, Erin Pike, Mickey Rowe

Designs by:
Amiya Brown, Andrea Bryn Bush, Heidi Ganser, Brendan Hogan, Clare Strasser, Ayako Yamada, Ben Zamora, Wes Hurley

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