T-Shirt Design Competition!

21 Apr

From ArtExperience:

Hey art students!

The Mixed club at UW is looking for someone to design a T-shirt to help market
our club. We are hosting a competition to design the shirt. Are you up for it???

For those of you who haven’t heard of us, Mixed is the only student organization
to cater to the multiracial/transracial adoptee community here at the UW. To
learn more and to see our logo visit our website
http://students.washington.edu/mixed/ or facebook group

More information follows below. If you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to email us at mixed@uw.edu Thanks!

Mixed Club Officers

– The design is up to you
– The colors are up to you
– The shirt should say “Mixed” or “Mixed Club” somewhere
– The shirt should not use copywrited material
– The shirt may incorporate our logo, but this isn’t required
– You may submit up to three designs

– Submit your design or a link to your design to mixed@uw.edu by midnight on
May 6th
– With your submission please include your full name (required), uw email
(required) and link to your artwork website (optional)
– We will email a confirmation that your submission has been received within 24
– We will notify the winner by May 11th

– If you win we will link to your artwork website (if you have one)
– You will receive a free t-shirt
– You will be acknowledged at the Mixed Heritage Graduation Ceremony in June
– You will get publicity out when our partners sell the shirts


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