Meghan Trainor (DXARTS) – Lecture | March 8

5 Mar

Digital Fabrication and the Database: 3D printing metadata models in digital research

Monday, Mar. 8, 2010 – 3:30 PM
Communications 202
University of Washington

Meghan Trainor is an artist and doctoral student at the University of Washington’s Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXARTS). Her work explores the use of emerging and existing technologies and materials to help examine the aesthetics of near future environments, particularly where the physical and the digital world overlap. She is interested in the methods by which new technologies become emotionally important to us, and eventually form part of our nostalgic sense of history, or conversely, components of a dystopian landscape. Her themes and interests include the anthropomorphic machines, bionic humans, stories of time travel, alternate universes and other creative devices that allow us to both invent and digest advancing technology.

The Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library (KMODDL) is an online resource for learning and teaching about kinematics and the history and theory of machines. Their database includes a collection of mechanical models and related metadata, including models that can be downloaded and fabricated by scholars. What impact does the availability of information that can be used to fabricate physical objects have on digital scholarship? In this informal talk I will begin with an overview of 3D printing technology and current resources like KMODDL as well as my own hypothesis on the trajectory of metadata fabrication in humanities research. We will examine best practices and how different academic disciplines might design, use and share metadata models.

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