[Artist Lecture] Stephanie Maxwell | Experimental Animation Filmmaker

1 Mar

March 4th 2010 / 12:00 pm / Mary Gates Hall 231

Stephanie Maxwell teaches and lectures on a wide range of subjects in motion picture art, experimental processes and collaboration across disciplines. She is Professor at the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY). She has curated screening programs, taught specialized courses and workshops on a variety of topics, and been a guest artist and artist-in-residence at museums and universities worldwide. She is co-founder and co-director of the twelve-year collaborative productions project (1997-2008), called the ImageMovementSound festivals (imsfestival.org). Her personal works are moving compositions that are deeply dramatic and highly alluring, and they collaborations with other artists, mostly composers. She has had several retrospectives of her work, including LA Filmforum, Ottawa International Animation Film Festival, ASIFA San Francisco, Govett-Brewster Gallery in New Zealand, ignifuge in Australia, LUX in London, and Scratch Cinema in Paris.
Stephanie’s work can be seen on her web site: http://people.rit.edu/sampph


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