Cool new PAID Internship at Vera Art Gallery!

26 Feb

The Vera Project Intern Job Description
Gallery Intern

To Apply send a cover letter and resume to by 5pm on Sunday February 28.

Position Overview: Help create a vibrant, thriving experimental art gallery. The Ver(a)rt Gallery needs an organizationally talented attendant with interest in international art-world networking. The Vera Project has initiated a substantial overhaul to its Visual Arts Programming. In order to fulfill its goal of greater Visual Arts recognition, the Vera Project has created this internship. The Gallery Attendant will be our main Vera – Ver(a)rt liaison, and our watchdog with the day-to-day care of the artwork entrusted to us. The Attendant will work primarily with the co-chairs and admin coordinator/s, with the job expanding in directions concurrent with the new hire’s interests. This position will require someone who is very organized, communicative, and motivated. Priority for this internship will be given to applicants with a desire to explore nonprofit programming and management as a career. Social networking skills a plus, interest required.

Key Responsibilities:
• Arrive within the first two hours of Vera’s open office hours (T – F 2 – 4, Sa 12 – 2)
• Open the gallery space: lighting, accounting for art-work and equipment
• Check in with front desk for messages
• Answer phone calls that come in during your shift
• Be available at the front desk and in the gallery to answer any questions or give brief tours of the exhibit
• Collect and enter contact info into the mailing list database
• Research ways to increase Ver(a)rt’s public relations
• Do Ver(a)rt database housekeeping
• Maintain web presence (Facebook, Myspace, Google Groups, etc)
• Attend all committee meetings, openings, preferably all events, installs/deinstalls, etc
• Take minutes at meetings and post them online
• Help the gallery committee with tasks that come up in the course of running the gallery

– Experience towards a job in community outreach, visual arts or government offices
– Valuable experience in promotion and programming of a non-profit
– Development of communication and networking skills
– Work collaboratively to create a community art gallery
– Upon request, the Intern may receive a letter of recommendation, appropriate to work performed
– Party with freaky people
– Encyclopedic knowledge of local and (inter)national all-ages and/or experimental arts venues

Reports To: Program Director & Gallery Co-Chairs

Hours: 10 hours per week

Internship duration: 4-6 months


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