Submissions due to Bricolage!

6 Jan

The end is nigh, all you writers, poets and artists!

The Bricolage Issue 27 final submission deadline is this Friday, Jan. 8th !

So hurry and brush the dust off your hard drive, scoop up the tool of your trade, and give your work a good polish and SUBMIT!

How do you submit, you ask?

Why, by emailing of course! Just send your piece as an attachment with your full name, the title of your piece, and your phone number in the body of the email. Don’t forget in the subject line of your email to include what category your submission is: short fiction, poetry, or art!

Need more information? Visit our website and click the How do I submit? link!

If you still have questions, you can always email us at

Are you interested in what has made it into Bricolage in the past? You
can check out last years contributor work by purchasing Issue 26 of
Bricolage in Padelford A2B or at U Bookstore.

Don’t forget the FINAL submission deadline is this Friday, January 8th!


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