Film production company seeking artist interns

3 Dec

In August 2008, Three Horizons Productions in association with Eureka Films produced a short film version of Out Of Focus in Phoenix, AZ. In July 2009, two additional scenes were shot in order to provide an ending to the short film instead of a cliff-hanger ending.

The current edit of the short film is approx. 30 minutes in length and highlights the main story layers of the feature film script. The short film is meant to be a “proof of concept” to the feature film project. It is also planned to edit a 20-minute version for festival purposes.

Three Horizons Productions is seeking two very talented and dedicated VFX artists – an After Effects Artist and a 3D Animator/Modeler – who are interested in building a very strong portfolio of professional VFX on this project. At the end of the project these artists will own very unique VFX that they can proudly market for their next job.

The two artists will work with a professional Cinematographer (the DP on the project) who is also an expert in Color Correction and After Effects. In essence, this person will act as a professional mentor for the two artists. The Art Director on the project will also work with them and will act as the Quality Assurance/Control expert on all the VFX.

Want more info? Contact:

Isabelle Theisen


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