DXARTS at Seattle Art Museum REMIX | November 6

2 Nov

DXARTS presents:
Sounds at the brink of (in)stability

at the SAM Remix event

November 6 2009

Seattle Art Museum, in the Arnold Board Room

Resonating with Alexander Calder’s mobiles currently exhibited at the SAM, Stelios Manousakis and Nicolás Varchausky will be presenting and performing their own sonic dynamic systems during the coming SAM Remix night: two balancing acts between states of equilibrium, oscillation, chaotic behavior and noise. Both systems are based on feedback with no other sounds sources but the sound of the systems themselves manipulated in real-time.

Instead of using atmospheric forces to set the system in motion, as is the case for Calder’s mobiles, Manousakis fabricates a virtual, synthetic atmosphere inside the computer, pulling out from the guts of the machine an intense and compelling stream of bursts, turbulence and silence; the beauty of a single inaudible number emerging and exploding as it populates digital dynamic spaces.

Varchausky on the other hand creates fields of resonance and shifting currents of air pressure in the exhibition space using his body as an antenna to interact with a hybrid system, a Speaker Performing Kiosk. Speakers and microphones become the actual sound sources, while the room, the computer and the actions of the performer modulate them; acoustic and digital data are entwined, unbalancing the sound flux into a feedback choir.

Alternating performances are scheduled for 9:15, 9:45, 10:15, 10.45. In between, the systems will be let loose, lingering on and developing a life of their own.

Members: $5
Adults: $10
Students: $8
Seniors: $8
First 100 guests: free


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