At the Henry this Thursday!–Premiere Screening: A Place for People: The Herbert Bayer Earthworks

22 Sep

Premiere Screening: A Place for People: The Herbert Bayer Earthworks
Thursday, September 24, 2009, 7:00 – 8:45 PM
Henry Auditorium,Sculpture Court
FREE, reserved tickets recommended
Seating is limited–first come, first served.
Reserve your ticket online.
The evening will begin with music by the composer Paul Rucker who contributed the soundtrack. Cheryl dos Remedios, writer and co-producer/director, will introduce many of the people featured in the documentary. A casual reception will follow, hosted by the Kent Arts Commission.

Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks, located in Kent, Washington is renowned for being a Modernist masterpiece. Designed by Bauhaus master Herbert Bayer, it is composed of grassy mounds and a functioning dam, allowing water that runs down the Mill Creek Canyon to collect in a sculpted basin during storms. A Place For People: The Herbert Bayer Earthworks tells the story of how this icon of green infrastructure came to be built.

In the 1970s, a group of women living in Kent desired to start an arts commission. Their plans quickly became intertwined with the broader history of public art in our region. Installed in 1982, the Earthworks was immediately lauded for its fusion of art and infrastructure, yet the issues that initially necessitated the project have intensified. Changes in storm water and fisheries regulations have impacted the work, prompting a cross-disciplinary investigation into the artist Herbert Bayer’s original intent, his biography and his influence. In 2008, the Earthworks was designated an “exceptionally significant” local landmark. Today, even as the earthwork undergoes renovation, the Kent Arts Commission continues to host contemporary dance performances and eco-art installations at the Earthworks.
This event at the Henry is presented by the Kent Arts Commission.
Mill Creek Canyon Earthworks . Photo: Copyright Christopher Rauschenberg, 2008.


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