New Internship to explore.. with CHID!

31 Aug

This is a great internship opportunity for students interested in research, community relations, media, and a chance to help produce a film festival.



Fall 2009, CHID 499 12-credits*

Background. Built in the early 20th Century, the Snohomish Carnegie Library served the people of Snohomish for nearly 100 years as a public library, educational and cultural center, and civic auditorium. In 2005, the non-profit Snohomish Carnegie Foundation was formed to manage the physical restoration of the building and the creation of programming for the facility’s mission for the 21st Century: serving the community as The Carnegie Educational Center — A Place For Families.

Position Description. To support the mission of the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation, the position of the Community Relations Coordinator (CRC) has been created to implement: a widely-recognized and respected presence for the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation within the greater Snohomish community; facilitate the physical restoration of The Snohomish Carnegie Library building and grounds; and recruit community partners for the development of educational and cultural programs. The CRC will serve as the primary liaison between the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation and the public, media, future donors, partnering organizations, and government agencies.

Performance Goals. The CRC will be responsible for:

* Developing and distributing media releases and performing radio and television interviews regarding events at The Snohomish Carnegie Library.
* Researching and developing marketing materials (brochures, posters, advertisements, etc.), which includes coordinating work with graphic designers/printers and organizing a distribution system for the materials.
* Creating public information presentations to be delivered to government agencies, service clubs, community groups, and special interest groups within the greater Snohomish community.
* Conceiving and implementing fundraising activities.
* Redesigning the Snohomish Carnegie Foundation website.
* Creating and managing a database of public contacts and partner agencies, and recruiting community members to serve on volunteer program committees.
* Organizing and managing the City’s War Memorial Restoration Committee, and coordinating with potential designers for the City’s new open-space park to be located at The Carnegie.
* Organizing, publicizing, and conducting the upcoming Kla Ha Ya Film Festival.

Requirements. In order to fulfill 12-credits (or less, depending on the needs of the student intern) of CHID 499 Independent Study under the guidance of Instructor Christina Wygant and Snohomish Carnegie Board Member Greg Guedel, the following will be observed by the selected intern:

* Designing a focused work plan and creating your own work hours.
* Attending monthly Snohomish Carnegie Foundation meetings in Snohomish. (Bus schedule:
* Attending bi-monthly check-in meetings to discuss work plan and progress.
* Implementing all performance goals within a reasonable timeframe.
* Completing a final self-evaluation of quarterly work performance.

Final grades (on a 4.0 scale) will be based upon completion of projects, active participation in meetings, final self-evaluation, and evaluations by instructor and board members.

Benefits. With completion of this internship while in good-standing, you will have the opportunity for:

* Letters of recommendation from professionals in a variety of backgrounds.
* Career networking opportunities with professionals such as government officials, community organizers, media, non-profit and for-profit corporate executives, and art educators.
* Around 400 hours of professional internship and non-profit volunteer hours.
* Potential future paid internship.
* Expansion into possible thesis topic.

Application. All applications will be due by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 11, 2009. You will be contacted for a brief interview by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15, 2009. Interviews will be held Tuesday, September 22, 2009. Final decisions will be made by Thursday, September 24, 2009. Please see attached application.

Applications should be directed to Greg Guedel, 206.447.8931,

Independent Study questions may be directed to Christina,

* 12-credits is the maximum amount of independent credit hours received for internship. The position is also available to those seeking less than 12-credit hours.






Phone Number:

CHID Major? Y/ N

Graduation Date:

Number of credits interested in for internship:

Resume. With your application, please attach an up-to-date resume.

Statement of Interest. In 250 words or less, please write a brief statement indicating your interest as an internship candidate. Questions to consider, but not limited to: Why do you believe you are a strong candidate for this position? What aspects of your areas of study will contribute to your internship? How will this benefit your future interest in non-profits, education, and/or government work?

Due 5 p.m. Friday, September 11, 2009. Applications should be directed to Greg Guedel, 206.447.8931,

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