What can you do with a CHID degree?

6 Aug

What’s up with CHID?

By introducing students to the interrelation of ideas and society, Comparative History of Ideas demonstrates the need to consider intellectual problems from many perspectives. The goal of the program is to provide the tools of critical and parallel thinking to each student.

By parallel thinking we mean a habit of seeing from a variety of vantage points. For example, the student might employ a specific methodology to a set problem and then critique his/her work by examining the assumptions of that methodology as the first step in employing a new method which would work in parallel fashion to the first. With respect to problem solving, when a particular method runs into obstacles (due to its inherent assumptions) the student who has been trained to critique his/her own operating methods would be able to step back and critique the problems that led to the obstacle and thereby steer a course around it.

The program hopes to engender an attitude of personal engagement and creativity within students, encouraging them to think for themselves. In addition, the program seeks to inculcate a sense of the importance of a disciplined methodology as a means to investigate various issues, while at the same time revealing the inherent weaknesses and limitations of any system.

CHID graduates have gone on to do things like:

* Post graduate studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences
* Careers in a wide variety of fields including law, international relations, administration and public policy, medicine, education, journalism, new media and film.
* CHID alum teach English around the world, work as interior designers and personal trainers, run their own pottery studios, are librarians, musicians, dentists, social workers, and museum curators. They’ve written speeches for former UN Secretary–General Kofi Annan, owned hostels in Cape Town, and opened up coffee shops in Arkansas. They have created literacy programs at local schools such as Gatewood Elementary in West Seattle. They’ve joined the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Marines. They’ve taken what they learned in CHID and have applied it to whatever they have wanted to do!

If this sounds cool, stop by and talk to the CHID advising office today! For more info, visit their website: CHID!


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