For Freshmen, Welcome!

30 Jun


If you’re starting UW this fall, you will quickly find that there are literally thousands of activities, opportunities, and resources available for students, meaning you! The question is.. where does one start? How does one pick classes? How does one get involved? This place can seem overwhelming, and I’m sure you’re starting to ask yourself… where do I fit in?

First off… if you have an inkling about what you want to major in, or if there is a subject that you want to take classes is, it is never too early to meet with an academic adviser in that department. Swing by and talk to them about class recommendations, tell them what subjects or topics you loved studying in high school, and ask them for some academic advice to start making plans for your first year. They are here for YOU! And they love talking with students, really.

Pick classes wisely and thoughtfully. 180 credits may sound like a lot, but before you know it, four years will be gone and you’ll be on to the next chapter of your life. UW is a great place to be, and you worked hard to get here, so take your time to pick classes that will be meaningful to you, and get to know your professors. You get to decide what you want to learn now! Be proactive about your education!

If you’re looking for ways to get involved and meet more people on campus, check out all of the clubs and student organizations on campus at this site:
Joining a student club/organization is a great way to meet students who you share similar interests with, and find a purpose here on campus. It will make this huge university feel more and more like home! And you’ll instantly have a community.

Also, explore Seattle! You are lucky to be attending school in such an awesome city. There are all kinds of cool arts-related activities and events going on, year round in Seattle. Check out SIFF–Seattle International Film Festival, for unique movies showing year round. Go hear the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, or the Seattle Opera, both of which offer great deals on student tickets– you can get the best seats in the house for only $25! That’s hard to beat.

Not to mention the art scene here in Seattle. Every first Thursday of the month, the Seattle galleries and museums open up their doors for the FREE Seattle Art Walk! It’s a great way to explore the art scene here in Seattle, meet artists and curators, and see amazing art! Making connections with people doing what you want to do is essential.

Welcome to the UW!


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