UW Drama Production, “The Apollo of Bellac” opens Sunday!

22 May

The Apollo of Bellac
UW Drama 'Tommy'-115

May 24 – June 7
Penthouse Theatre

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The American Century is set amidst the era of hope of the end of WWII, Tom returns from war to his doting wife. Just as they are about to make their dreams of children a reality, they are interrupted by a stranger claiming to be from the future. In a hysterical confession, the stranger reveals the failures of their parenting skills and demise of their yet-to-be-born children, throwing the couple into chaos. Director Paul Bennett describes her excitement for the play, “I like this play because it humorously tackles the way people perceive their own lives, as victims of circumstance or as having the power to determine their own fate.”

The Apollo of Bellac takes place in France during the late 1940’s. Attraction and enchantment fill the office of the International Bureau of Inventions in Paris when timid Agnes attempts to find employment. Unable to get anyone’s attention, Agnes seeks advice from a mysterious man in the waiting room who shares the secret to a woman’s success: tell men that they are handsome. With her compliments she twirls the Board of Directors
into a twitter, and men begin offering her employment and marriage proposals. Director Alyson Roux plans on “highlighting the farcical nature of the text with dance.” She continues, “This play will provide audiences with a breath of delight and joy during our difficult times.”


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