CHID Student Thesis Presentations!

20 May

CHID 491 Spring 2009 Senior Thesis Presentations
Allen Auditorium (in Allen Library North), 8:00 a.m-1 p.m.
Tuesday, May 26th


We are honored and delighted to have you join us for the CHID 491 Spring 2009 Senior Thesis
! This quarter, students who are creating 5, 10, and 15 credit theses have been
working diligently together as peer editors for each other’s work. It has been my privilege to
work closely with each student this quarter both in and out of class. Thank you for joining us
for these exciting presentations. Enjoy!

8:00 Opening remarks; Group 1 set-up

Group 1- Identity Representation in Contemporary Media

8:10 Bebe Womack- “Impact of Asian Americans in Film”

8:17 Carling Harps- “Lyrical Free Speech: Hip-hop’s Response to U.S. Institutionalized

8:24 audience questions for group members; Group 2 set-up

Group 2- Interactions with Social Injustice

8:33 Caleb Steven- “Global Citizenship: A Personal Pursuit”

8:40 Jen Ertl- “Violent Crimes against Native Americans Perpetrated by Non-Natives”

8:47 May Nelson- “Schooling Homeless Children: Barriers against Elementary

8:54 Stefanie Buurstra- “Biting the Hand that Feeds: A Look at Unequal Education for
Undocumented Students”

9:01 audience questions for group members; Group 3 set-up

Group 3- Love, Actually

9:10 Amber Eaton- “Marriage in Culture”

9:17 Claire Hogan- “Modern Love Potion”

9:24 Donna Freedman- “Fed Up: Midlife Women & Reinvention”

9:31 Priscilla Umemoto- “We are in Love”

9:39 audience questions for group members; Group 4 set-up

Group 4- Empowering the People

9:48 Elena Tarassova- “Indoctrinating a Different Truth”

9:55 Hong-Yen Chan- “Perspectives and Viewpoints on Health Care among Vietnamese Immigrants in
the Puget Sound Area of Washington”

10:02 Lauren Kayda- “Negative Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Children”

10:09 Scarlett Mai- “Political Participation among People with Disabilities”

10:16 audience questions for group members; Group 5 set-up

Group 5- Global Conflicts

10:25 Alyssa Bourne- “East Meets West: Orientalism & Occidentalism in Regards to the Conflict
between Greece and Albania”

10:32 Clea Hersperger- “The War on Drugs: Power Politics between the U.S. & Latin America”

10:39 Duncan Forbes- “Politics & Indigeneity in Latin America”

10:46 Laura Harrington- “Freetown Girls: Post-Conflict Identity in Sierra Leone”

10:53 audience questions for group members; Group 6 set-up

Group 6- Exploring Human Nature

11:02 Gordon Waite- “Adventures in Human Nature”

11:09 Micaela Katz- “The Lens of Liberation”

11:16 Shane Mitchell- “Trippin’ through Time”

11:23 Tegan Kaske- “Artefact: Colonialism, Animality, Representation and the Natural History

11:30 audience questions for group members; Group 7 set-up

Group 7- Education, Identity, Tracking & Critical Thinking

11:39 Andrea Jacobs- “Identity through Travel”

11:46 Danielle Cordova- “Critical Thinking in the Classroom: U.S. History as Presented to High
School Students”

11:53 Kayla Lemley- “Trackings Effects on Students & the Subculture of Education”

12:00 audience questions for group members; Group 8 set-up

Group 8- Authorial Vonnegut Apocalyptic Change

12:09 Jason Sondhi- “Agent-Centered Apocalypses: Discourses of Value and Change in
Post-Recessionary Anime”

12:16 Jon La France- “Re: Birth of the Author”

12:23 Matt Stock- “Reinventing the Wheel”

12:30 Zack Wallace- “Socio-politically Charged Stories (from the Writer’s Perspective)”

12:37 audience questions for group members


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