The truth about opera.

13 May

Opera. I know what you’re thinking.. opera isn’t for me. This is what I used to think too. In fact, I actually remember turning down free opera tickets from my older sister when I first came to college because it just sounded like a long, ominous play where everyone dies at the end.

I was SO wrong. Opera is a blast. blog_05

First of all, being a visual artist myself, I fell in love with the stages and sets. Usually at least two stories tall and beautifully crafted, they sometimes change entirely during an act. Imagine a huge house suddenly being pulled apart or lifted up into the ceiling! Second of all- the costumes are beautiful. I recently discovered that they take so much effort and craft, some opera gowns costs up to $1500 to fashion. They are pieces of art themselves.

Not to mention the singing. It’s breathtaking. Actually, that word doesn’t adequately describe it. It is unreal. They are well tuned and cared for instruments, and I know the kind of commitment it takes to make it as an opera singer. My older sister, that one that I mentioned above who offered me free tickets- well, she IS an opera singer, and I know how serious her job is. It takes years for your voice to mature. At 25, her voice won’t stop growing for another 5-10 years. She has to limit talking during the day, and care for her vocal cords like they are her children. Like being an athlete, it requires drinking enough fluids, getting enough sleep and staying healthy. And practice, practice, practice. That is the life of a professional opera singer. You also have to know other languages. My sister speaks 4, so when she is handed a song, she knows how to properly act out the scene and pronounce words as she sings the piece of music.

So, I’ll end this rant. I just hope that the next time you get offered some free opera tickets, you’ll take a chance and go for it. Or just buy some on your own and give it a try. It might just change your life. It changed mine-I’m an opera lover for life. –liz

Here’s some info on the Seattle Opera’s latest show-The Marriage of Figaro! Check it out!

The Marriage of Figaro (Through May 16th! See it tonight!)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Charming, lighthearted and endlessly enjoyable, Mozart’s most popular opera sparkles with genius. There’s never a dull moment for a lascivious Count and his hodge-podge entourage as they navigate the ups and downs of “the crazy day” preparing a wedding – or two! Vivid characters, glowing wit, dizzying ensembles, mistaken identities, and carefully constructed intrigue make for a miraculous marriage of music and drama. A sublime comedy of manners, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro is as touching as it is funny.


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