Cool drama classes this summer, no audition required!

5 May

These classes, offered this summer, are the only studio classes in drama that don’t require an audition. Email Shanga Parker, Email me
( if you have questions!

One (DR490–Callbacks and Cold-Reading) covers practical skills necessary for getting an acting job mimicking a “real-world” environment.

Every audition you will have outside of school will require you to prepare material from a play or script. You will have to perform this material as if you had it for weeks, not days. This class will give you the skills to do this.

You will be presented with different types of material–plays and television sides–which you will prepare for and perform in class. You will receive specific feedback for your benefit and which you can apply for the next round of material.
Students will perform everyday in class and practice many different styles.

Here is the link:

The other (DR454–Suzuki) is training in a well-known physical discipline that is used internationally for actor training. It is also the primary physical training method used in our acting graduate program.

It is demanding physically, practical for actors, and is understood by actors everywhere.

It increases concentration and focus, helps actors breathe fully, assists with proper and full use of the actor’s voice.

Use of these techniques helps with both acting Shakespeare and commercial copy.
Shanga Parker has been practicing and teaching the Suzuki Method for over 20 years and has taught it in the PATP (Graduate program) at the UW.
There is no prior experience necessary.
Here is the link:

Check out these great opportunities!

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