Have you studied abroad? Here is a scholarship for you!

1 May


Undergraduate Research Award

The Forum Undergraduate Research Awards showcase the most rigorous and significant undergraduate research that occurs as part of education abroad programs.

Independent research represents one of the highest achievements of undergraduate student learning. Completing serious, high-quality research requires critical thinking, analysis, and creativity. Award projects encompass a wide variety of academic fields, demonstrating that international learning informs many academic and professional fields. Moreover, the quality of the nominated research is a testimony to students’ understanding of other cultures and societies.For the award, “research” is understood in its broadest possible sense as encompassing the full range of excellence in the academic products of an education abroad experience.

The presentation and publication of these competitive undergraduate research projects underscores, for faculty, international education administrators and other professionals, some of the important ways that study abroad impacts student learning. In this way, the very best outcomes of student learning abroad are widely visible to the profession of education abroad as well as to our constituents.

The annual deadline for nominations for the Award is at the end of June of that year. The Forum encourages its members to plan their nominations to work with their organization’s calendars.

The deadline for this year’s nominations is June 26, 2009. Nominations should be emailed directly to the Forum.


–Nominations must be submitted by a Forum delegate at a current institutional member of the Forum. –Nominating member may be the student’s home institution or program provider. Each member may submit no more than two nominations.
–Nominated student must have been an undergraduate student at the time the research was conducted and an enrolled student within 6 months prior to the submission deadline.
–The nominated research project must be completed. It may be conducted in any academic discipline, and collaborative research projects conducted jointly and co-authored by students and faculty are encouraged.

FOR AN APPLICATION, VISIT:http://forumea.org/research-application.htm


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