“New Works” Opening at the Sandpoint Gallery::April 23rd!

22 Apr

The Sandpoint Gallery is proud to announce the opening of the 2009 Exhibition: NEW WORKS. The exhibit will be on display at the Sandpoint Gallery, in Magnuson Park in Seattle, from April 23rd – May 8th. The exhibition reception will be at the gallery on Friday, April 24th, 6-9 pm.detach

For this show, six painters from the University of Washington School of Art have come together to create a show that addresses the question of painting’s place in today’s world. The six artists in the show attempt to form their individual responses to this question.

Amanda Baldwin’s work is a close reflection of her present state and childhood memories. With a wide range of subjects painted, she is interested in capturing meaningful events that have shaped her and those around her.

Allison Davis paints portraits about individualism, emphasizing personality and persona through symbolic use of the objects around the figure. She uses painting language from previous centuries to create classic characters of our current time.

Through painting, Anastasia Goodin creates a dream world in which she can live out her fantasies of embodying female perfection. Tapping into an impossible but real wish to achieve doll-like proportions, Goodin’s self portraits, portraits of dolls, and still lives of pill jars and Jameson bottles cut dangerously close to the main arteries of American culture.

Devon Midori Hale explores the physical interaction of humans as they encounter face to face. She questions ideas about how humans subconsciously react to space, posture, and color. Working with representational portraits and nonrepresentational space, she emphasizes the role of the body when encountering a painting.

Ashley Engelbert’s work expresses the awkwardness of trying to find a position in the world through her depiction and abstraction of buildings and landscape. She emphasizes anxieties related to place, such as the unfamiliar feeling of returning to her hometown.

Jacob Perkins creates paintings in which he develops his own color system, using mathematical logic and string theory. He uses a painting language related to blind contour drawing to make every painting function as a self-portrait.

Come see the NEW WORKS Exhibition, as it will be unique experience, showcasing young artists challenging the traditional forms and processes of making and experiencing a painting.

Email: devonmhale@comcast.net

URL: http://art.washington.edu/

2009 Exhibition: NEW WORKS

April 23rd – May 8th 2009

Opening Reception: 6pm-9pm, April 24th, 2009

Sandpoint Gallery, School of Art, University of Washington

Building 5 Bay C / 2nd floor

7527 63rd Avenue NE Seattle

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday 12pm-5pm


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