FILM RAP @ The Henry:: April 25 12pm-4pm

20 Apr

At Film Rap, independently-spirited auteurs present a film of their choice from their own filmography at 12 PM, followed by an in-depth conversation with Warren Etheredge about their craft.
Join an Oscar®-winning filmmaker Jessica Yu for a screening of her documentary Protagonist followed by an exclusive post show conversation about her unique approach to story-telling, whether fact or fiction.

FREE to Henry and Warren Report Members
RSVP required:

Film Synopsis
Protagonist explores extremism through contrasting stories of personal revelation. The film features four individuals who have been devoted to personal odysseys, a cause, a quest, an ideal to the point of total consumption. At first glance the characters appear disconnected: a former German terrorist, an ex-gay evangelist, a bank robber and a martial arts student. But as their stories unfold, one starts to see the parallels between the uncommon, common experience of these four men. Each character embarks on a journey for valid reasons, only to find himself so deeply embedded in the cause that he becomes the opposite of what he had intended. He is blind to this fact, though, until the forces of fate and character boil and distill to a single moment of dark epiphany. In telling this echoing story, the film asks: what is the path to extremism? In responding to the turmoil of life, where does one draw the line between the reasonable and the unreasonable? And how does one recover from the delusion of certainty?

For more information, visit The Warren Report


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