Work in the writing center! $10 an hour!

3 Apr

Are you a strong writer who enjoys helping others? If so, come work as a writing tutor for the English Department Writing Center. We are currently recruiting new applicants from all majors, both undergraduate and graduate, to staff the ’09-10 academic year.

The English Department Writing Center, which serves writers of all disciplines and skill levels, is firmly rooted in writing center scholarship and pedagogy. We are the oldest of all UW writing centers, and the only one on this campus linked to a course which invests its tutors with a fully developed academic understanding of writing center work. ENGL 474: ///Writing Center Theory and Practice/ is a great course for anyone interested in the dynamics of teaching writing one-to-one; it’s also *required* for all prospective EWC tutors. Since this class put us all on the same page in terms of method and goals, we waive it for no one. (See the attached course overview for details.)

Ask any of our paid or volunteer tutors — working here is a fun job that never gets old! Wages start at $10/hr, and tutors choose their own hours. However, paid positions are at a premium (I can hire only four to five new people this year), so the selection process is highly competitive. Application consists of the following:

* E-mail me a thesis driven essay that demonstrates your ability to assert a complex thesis, organize a persuasive argument supporting it, provide clear cues to your reader, and avoid lapses in style, efficiency, clarity, and grammar. ( No pressure! 🙂 ) We prefer essays between 4 and 10 pages, but we’ll make allowances if needed.

* Attach the above essay to an e-mail message in which you outline your qualifications and reasons for wanting to tutor with the EWC.

* If applicable, include a resume with relevant experience (not required!).

All applications received before the closing date below will be considered. A review committee consisting of two veteran tutors and me will read and discuss the essays, then select top candidates for interviews.

If you have an interest in working with writers, either as a teacher or editor, this course and job offer an invaluable resource. Writing center alumni nationwide report improved speaking and listening skills, cultural awareness, and understanding of various writing processes –including their own – as they enter the job market.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about applying, ENGL
474, or the job itself.


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