Travel to Iceland with Professor Phillip Thurtle! INFO SESH: Monday April 6th!

2 Apr

Fact: The last information session for the Iceland Program will be on Monday, 6 April at 3:30 PM in the CHID Lounge, Padelford C 101.

Fact: I most likely won’t continue the program after this year and no one else runs an Iceland program on campus. If you want to go now is the time!!!

Fact: Iceland is one of the greenest, least polluted places on the planet.

Fact: Iceland has no military.

Fact: The Today Show just picked Iceland the number 2 best travel destination in the world!!

Fact: The Icelandic Krona is at an all time low, making this usually very expensive affordable to limited budgets for the first time in recent history.

Question: Why aren’t you going on the CHID Icelandic Program?

Non-students welcome as well (that means you alumni!!).

Bless, bless (goodbye in Icelandic)-

Phillip Thurtle


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