“The Complex”:: Pikes Place Market Theater Production:: Through March 29

19 Mar

The Complex
Date/Time:Every week Thursday, Friday, Saturday from Thu., February 26 until Sun., March 29, 8:30pm, Every week Sunday from Sun., March 1 until Sun., March 29, 7:00pm
Price: $7-$10
Contact Info: 587-2414 | http://www.unexpectedproductions.org/
1428 Post Alley Seattle WA, 98101 (206) 587-2414

An autobiographical improv show: I was just as skeptical as you probably are. But Kevin Brady’s self-portrayal as a twitchy, yuppified college grad receiving a crash course in the “real world” (a la Capitol Hill) gets a gold star from me. We join the artist as a young man setting off to make his mark in the theater scene and learning that he’s gotta eat, too. Brady accepts a gig as an apartment manager and finds himself playing Father Confessor-cum-nanny to a literary cast of misfits, strippers (one of Derek Kavan’s 50 roles), mute drug-dealers (Lisa Keeton), and gothic screamers (Kavan again, who flexed serious improv muscle with credible, lightning-fast character changes). As director, Randy Dixon coaxed deliriously funny barrages from the complex’s resident crazies, an alcoholic antique collector (Troy Mink) and an elderly car vandal (Susie Simpkins). I take my hat off to the cast’s realistic abruptness of dialogue and gentle, though not maudlin, handling of society’s various unsavories. But I will admit it did give me the skin-crawls to realize that since this is all based on Brady’s true-life experiences, I could be sitting next to some of these characters on the bus every day. JENNA NAND


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