Creative Writing in Rome Program Deadline: Friday 3/6!

3 Mar

It’s not too late to apply to the Creative Writing in Rome Program!

JOIN a band of ink-stained writer-adventurers for a month of concentrated exercise and conversation in and about the Eternal City. This is Rome from a generalists’s perspective: history and geography, art and architecture, language and literature, the color and vagary and flavor of daily life all constellate in the writer’s notebook. Following in the footsteps of those poets, painters, saints and soldiers who for some two and a half millenia have traveled where all roads lead, we’ll sack the city word by cobble, in conversation, practice, and stride.

The Summer Creative Writing in Rome Program is open to anyone (undergraduates, graduates, alumni, citizens-at-large) seeking to join an intensive program in the written arts.

*Application Deadline: Friday, March 6th.*

How to apply:

Please submit a Letter of Interest, along with names and contact information for two academic references, to both Rebecca Hoogs and Johnny Horton. This may be done by email [ and], or by regular mail, care of the UW English Department (attn: Bridget Norquist.)

Your letter should outline your academic background and writerly interests and experience, remark on your reasons for wanting to go to Rome, and highlight what positive and special contributions you might make to a group constituted for maximum imaginative adventure in one of the world’s most remarkable settings. Formal training in creative writing is less important to us than pluck, serious enthusiasm, and reliably good humor. We will spend an intensive month in close quarters, at elevated temperatures and unfamiliar cultural pressures: you must be good company. With that caveat in mind, the program is wide open. Writers at all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.

For more information:


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