Community Literacy Program: Linking English, Education and Outreach

18 Feb

Are you a UW student interested in helping children succeed in school?
Considering a career in education? Looking for real world experience to help
you choose a major? A way to understand and address social inequality? A way to improve your your research, writing, and collaborative learning and presentation skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Community Literacy Program (CLP) may be just what you’re looking for.

HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS: Community Literacy Program (CLP) is an 8 credit program linking two courses: English 198A and Education 401C. In English 198A you’ll meet twice weekly on campus, MW 10:30-12:20, in a writing-intensive seminar focused on effective methods of working with elementary school children, on some central challenges and opportunities for public education, and on ways to be meaningfully involved in these issues while developing your research and writing skills. In EDUC 401, you’ll put what you learn on campus into action, volunteering (4-5 hours a week, on a schedule you arrange) in one of our partner Seattle public elementary schools: Thornton Creek School (AE2), Olympic Hills Elementary or The New School @ Columbia. CLP alumni serve as undergraduate Head Tutors/Peer Mentors at each of our partner schools, and, along with the instructor, are available to support you in all aspects of the program.

WHO SHOULD REGISTER?: The Community Literacy Program welcomes students at any stage of their UW careers, and typically includes students from a wide variety of majors and interests. Some are upper division students who want to investigate career directions in teaching, social work, counseling, social justice, policy studies, law or pediatric medicine. Some are lower division students looking for a connection between experience and academic learning to help them decide on a major. Some are looking for a small seminar-style course, for an engaging way to earn a “W” or “Composition” credit or, in the words of Dr. Paul Farmer, for a way to “use what you learn to transform yourselves and your community.” CLP is also an excellent way to work toward the classroom experience necessary for students applying to Masters in Teaching programs or completing the practicum requirement for the Education, Learning and Society minor. CLP alums have gone on to teach in Washington, California, Oregon, New York, Mexico, Brazil and beyond.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: To sign up for the Community Literacy Program, register for EDUC 401C (SLN 12779) and then English 198A (SLN 12968). UW students can take up to 15 credits of English 198, and can count it toward either the “W” or the “Composition” requirement, so you’re welcome to sign up for CLP even if you’ve already taken a writing link. No add codes are required until period 3 (when classes begin).

QUESTIONS? Additional information is available at the program web site: Please feel free to get in touch with the director, Dr. Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill, if you’ve got questions.

Elizabeth Simmons-O’Neill
Director, Community Literacy Program


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