Outta My Light!: Picturing the Processes of Photography, Jan. 5th-May 3rd

8 Jan

The Henry Gallery has a new exhibit that just opened on Jan. 5th. It’s about the process of photography and features a host of interesting and innovative artists.

“Photography is not one medium; it is a technique with many processes. From photography’ inception with Fox Talbot’s paper negatives and Daguerre’s copper-plate Daguerreotypes, artists have always had a multitude of working methods to choose from to best express their ideas. This exhibition, drawn primarily from the Henry’s Monsen Collection of Photography, will consider a variety of photographic processes including carbon print, cyanotype, salted-paper print from a wet collodion negative, photogravure, and silver gelatin prints from cliché-verre negatives. Works by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Anna Atkins, Imogen Cunningham, Rondel Partridge, and others are featured.”

Henry Art Gallery is always FREE to students, and is open:

11-5: Tue, Wedanna_atkins_cystoseira_granulata
11-8: Thu
11-5: Fri, Sat, Sun
Closed: Mon


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