Peking Acrobats at the UW! — January 10th, 2009 —

12 Dec

This is going to be a hot ticket in the coming weeks, so I’d suggest getting your seat reserved ASAP. Check out the video; these artists are amazing!


Peking Acrobats

Saturday, January 10, 2009 – 2 PM & 8 PM
Single-ticket price: $35; $32 for subscribers; $20 for students
Purchase Now

“[Performances] from the seemingly impossible to the virtually unbelievable.” Los Angeles Times

From daring maneuvers atop a pagoda of chairs to wire-walking, tumbling, somersaulting, and juggling, this troupe of highly trained acrobats is sure to astonish you. In China, this ever-evolving folk art form dates back to the Ch’in Dynasty (211 to 207 BC), and this troupe is simply the best of the best.

Did you know? Because of the unusual and difficult feats involved in their work, Chinese acrobats are highly honored in their home country and are recognized for their skills much like American opera stars are here.


ps- sorry about the dumb “Did you know?’ Opera stars? Really?


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