Art Class for Winter Quarter

17 Nov

Interested in Art, but don’t know where to start? Have decided against being an art major, but need an awesome VLPA credit that will be challenging and stretch your way of thinking? We have the class for you.

Art 124 Three-Dimensional Design Fundamentals is a beginning 3D art class, that requires no experience, just a creative mind and a willingness and dedication to solving problems. If you have time to fit it into your schedule, this is a valuable class for all students who appreciate art, and want to try working with their hands.

ART 124 Three-Dimensional Design Fundamentals (5) VLPA
Through use of a variety of materials, three-dimensional fundamentals are investigated for formal and conceptual concerns as they apply to the visual arts. Offered: AWSp.
Instructor Course Description: Daniel F. Loewenstein John T Young Louise Cabeen Timea Tihanyi

Restr  10372 A  5       TTh    230-520    ART  110      ZIRPEL,MARK                Open      0/  22
Restr  10373 B  5       TTh    1130-220   ART  110                                 Open      0/  22
Restr  19140 C  5       MW     1130-220   ART  110      YOUNG,JOHN T               Open      1/  24

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