Cool CHID Class on learning

12 Nov

What is CHID? Comparative History of Ideas is such a broad department that it’s hard to answer this question, but really CHID is a little bit of everything. As a CHID major, you have endless possibilities to explore, you just have to have an active interest in a particular subject matter. Check out their website for more questions (, or visit the awesome CHID adviser Cynthia Anderson who is located in Padelford. But lastly, give this class a try.. you might just fall in love with CHID!

CHID 210 The Idea of the University: Ways of Learning, Exploring, and Knowing (5) I&S
Considers different ways of learning, exploring, and knowing in the context of the historical development, social context, and impact of universities in general and of the University of Washington in particular. Includes reflective workshops on choosing areas of study (majors) in collaboration with Undergraduate Advising.
Instructor Course Description: James Soto Antony

       11857 A  5       TTh    1130-120   LOW  205      ANTONY,JAMES SOTO          Open     26/  50
       11858 AA  QZ     F      1030-1120  CHL  025                                 Open      9/  20
       11859 AB  QZ     F      1130-1220  BLM  211                                 Open     14/  20
       11860 AC  QZ     T      1030-1120  MGH  251A     ANTONY,JAMES SOTO          Open      3/  10
                        SERVICE LEARNING SECTION

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