KING FM Classical Music Broadcasting Internship

9 Nov

School of Music students might be interested in learning how to promote classical music and opera with KING FM in the ever-grunge and indie rock capital that is Seattle. They are currently looking for a promotion’s intern and I know that a UW student could promote the heck out of my favorite radio station (yup, KEXP comes in 2nd).

Promotions Intern


One Response to “KING FM Classical Music Broadcasting Internship”

  1. Tammi November 10, 2008 at 7:39 am #

    Getting into great internships also is about knowing people. How about Recording Connection It’s about making connections and knowing the ropes of the music industry. Unlike traditional schools you DO NOT have to compete for learning time and one-on-one attention with 20-40 other students. With RC you learn one-on-one. Just you and your teacher. And with RC you take a STRUCTURED COURSE. Your course is given to you one-on-one by a real audio professional who adds his years and years of experience to our industry sponsored, accredited audio course curriculum.

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