Forgotten First Thursdays

5 Nov

I know from experience that it is sometimes hard to make the trek downtown on first Thursday evenings of each month to explore the Seattle Art Walk.. but this update of this month’s exhibits re-fueled my interest in what is going on- check out that bear!

First Thursday: Sightings of wild things in Pioneer Square

Picks for Pioneer Square’s gallery walk in Seattle: happy hour at Crimson C, “Truth Sessions” at Corridor Gallery, “The Vancouver Project” at Fat Tiger Studio, “Bin Labs” at SOIL and “Animal Logic” at Howard House.

Seattle Times staff reporter


Richard Barnes' photograph "Smithsonian Bear" is part of his "Animal Logic" exhibit at Howard House.

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Richard Barnes’ photograph “Smithsonian Bear” is part of his “Animal Logic” exhibit at Howard House.

This month, Pioneer Square’s gallery walk takes you behind the scenes — into natural history museums, a low-income housing project and the community behind Goodwill bins.

All offer a raw look into these worlds.

But before diving in, check out the very lavish lounge Crimson C for a happy hour.

Crimson C

This upscale lounge is probably a better fit for Belltown than Pioneer Square, but it’s sure a classy setting for a date and a great spot to launch an art-filled night. Its red, Asian-inspired décor is beautiful. And draft beer and appetizers (Asian-inspired as well; i.e., pot stickers and egg rolls) start at only $3.

Happy Hour: 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday

Address: 209 First Ave. S., Seattle; 206-340-1700 or

Howard House

“Animal Logic”: Through large-scale photographs, Richard Barnes gives a behind-the-scenes look at natural-history museums. The architectural and archaeological photographer traveled to museums around the world, shooting panoramas, shipping containers and animals wrapped in plastic.

Opening: Thursday, with an artist reception the following Thursday, Nov. 13.

Address: 604 Second Ave., Seattle; 206-256-6399 or

Corridor Gallery

“Truth Sessions”: A raw and honest portrayal of the lives of 10 people living in Seattle low-income apartments. Through interviews, photos, portraits and music, filmmaker David Guilbault, photographer Doug Vann, painter Keven Furiya and composer Andy Zadrozny give voice to these apartment dwellers’ struggles. To check out the ongoing project, go to

Reception: 5-9 p.m. Thursday.

Address: Tashiro Kaplan Building, 306 S. Washington St., Seattle; 206-856-7037 or


“Bin Labs Presents: Second Growth”: Through interviews, photographs and video installations, Oregon artists Sean Regan, Rachel Hibbard and Cara Tomlinson explore the community behind Goodwill bins.

The artists (who are avid Goodwill shoppers themselves) filmed over 60 consumers at Southeast Portland’s Goodwill Outlet, known as “The Bins,” where findings are paid for by the pound, rather than piece by piece. The result is a documentary that examines purpose and value.

Also, fitting their theme of recycling, all material from the exhibit will be returned to the bins after the installation is over.

Reception: 5-8 p.m. Thursday.

Address: 112 Third Ave. S, Seattle; 206-264-8061 or

Fat Tiger Studio

“The Vancouver Project”: Six emerging artists — Scott Erickson, Jen Grabarczyk, Scott Kolbo, Jeremy Mangan, Christen Mattix and Matthew Whitney — spent two uninterrupted weeks at a residency at Regent College in Vancouver, creating art both beautiful and sublime.

The work they produced ranged from abstract to illustrative, from expressionist to graphic, with themes that included personal narrative, religion, politics, surrealism, and memory. For more background on the project, go to

Reception: 6-9 p.m. Thursday.

Address: 619 Western Ave., Third Floor, Seattle; 206-447-9667 or


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